The benefits of massage
More than a moment of relaxation, massage helps reduce stress, prevent disease and improve health.
Improves sleep
Increases lung capacity
awakens the senses of touch
Improves digestion
Relieves evil
Makes the muscles more flexible
Improves joint mobility
Help the relaxation of tensions
Improves blood circulation and lymphatic
Improves skin health
Helps openness and resistance to stress


  Trip to Madagascar 

Energizing ritual, as fluid and rhythmical as the dance of the waves on the fine sand, surrounded by sweet and spicy notes.

  Indonesian Atmosphere  

 Exceptional trip to the island of the Gods. Tonic treatment like the power of waterfalls surrounded by vegetations with tangy fruit scents.

  Eastern Trip  

Enjoy a relaxing ceremony in the purest oriental tradition with tastes of honey, orange blossom and green tea.

  Getaway to Hawaii  

Dive into an ocean of fullness and let yourself get carried away by the waves of Hawaii, wrapped around by hot and spicy essences of ylang-ylang and frangipani.

  Flying to Brazil  

Cross the borders of Brazil to end up in the rainforest, and get lifted by an energizing fragrance and cocoa flower.

  Discovery of Comoros  

 Get yourself transported to the island of the Comoros, to discover of variety of flavors such as ginger, vanilla and ylang-ylang.

  Ritual Philippines  

A sunny and gourmet destination, based on the coconut that will escape, just a few hours, in exotic and intoxicating territories ... Highlights: 100% natural and the massage that will quickly become one of your "best sellers".