Eyelash extensions

They allow you to expand and intensify your eyes for a natural effect as impressive!


Wake up your style with a
day / evening / married

  Make-up lesson

Learn the right thing for your makeup like a pro!


Scrub with Dead Sea salt, sugar, butter salted caramel or crystal roses.

  Faces care

Luxurious, oriental or bio.

  Scrub with Dead Sea salt and black soap

This beauty routine helps eliminate dead skin.
Clean your skin gently!

  Permanent hair removal pulsed light

This method removes hair, age spots, lentigines, redness, fine lines and restores radiance, tone and suppleness of the skin giving it a real "facelift".

  Permanent make-up

Face painting in cosmetic tattooing
Eyebrow / Eyeliner / Lip / Mole
Freckle / areola breast ...

  Dermography restorative

In other cases such as: Scars, Dark Circles, Stretch Marks, No Hair, light spots...

  Slim care

The slimming treatments can refine the body gives effective results after several sessions of Cellu M6 / contour is ...


Discover the art that enhances your nails
with the resin / gel / shelac

  Manicure & Pedicure

Beauty treatments designed to beautify your nails. To have beautiful hand / foot,
no mystery, we must maintain them!

  Face care

Restore luster to your skin with us
Cleansing, Purifying, Moisturizing, Anti-Wrinkle

  Depilation Man & Woman

Traditional method and soft with low temperature wax
Leg, arm, back, bikini line, underarms, face ...